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Question [Solved] WPforo - WPdiscuz - PMP

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1. The WPforo is installed and I am using PMP pro for membership registration and pay. 

2. I will get the WPForo Bundle and PMP integration, when initial activity starts.

3. I just installed WPdiscuz for our  courses, and when it all works, I will add the Addons too. However, question is:

Q: With the PMP integration, will clients have one registration and login for all, since I did not see PMP on the addons for WPdiscuz. The forum has its own permission settings, and the courses have a)teaser text and then the wpdiscuz is visible to answer when they are logged in.

Some testing were very positive, since we can set multiple response button on paragraphs and few member tester loved it, that they can direct respond to individual questions on the spot.


appreciate your work. Glad I closed all SMF down last week.  

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Hi @talk47,

If you are inquiring about the restrictions on posting and viewing comments imposed by the PMP plugin, it ultimately depends on the configuration of PMP plugin. wpDiscuz is built upon the native WordPress comment system and utilizes all its comment hooks. Therefore, if PMP can restrict the posting and viewing of WordPress comments based on membership plans, there should be no compatibility issues with wpDiscuz.