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Update 7.0.2 - Aggregate Rating Schema

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Hi there,

I followed your link to the webmaster's blog and read the post.

Under the FAQ it says:

Q. "will sites that gather reviews about other organizations be affected?" A. "No, that’s unchanged. Sites that gather reviews can show up with review snippets (for their reviews of other organizations) in search results."

This description fits my site, so I don't think I am supposed to be affected by the change. Is it possible to get schema back if we are gathering reviews about other organizations?

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Hi @liammaurer,

If you want to enable back the "Product" type, just navigate to Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Article and Comment Rating Tab and enable the "Enable Aggregate Rating Schema" option. But, if the pages you've enabled are not products, you'll get Google Search Console error reports, like this:

  • Missing field ‘brand’ (optional)
  • Missing field ‘offers’ (optional)
  • Missing field ‘sku’ (optional)
  • Missing field ‘review’ (optional)
  • Missing field ‘image’ (optional)
  • Missing field ‘description’ (optional)
  • No global identifier provided (e.g. gtin, mpn, isbn) (optional)