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[Solved] I can't get comment reply button visible  


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03/07/2020 9:40 am  

Reply button for "Product" Post Type

Once you enable the wpDiscuz comment form for "Product" post type the wpDiscuz will replace the standard WooCommerce review system with wpDiscuz one. As you may know, the WooCommerce review system doesn't allow visitors to reply to the reviews of customers. So in the case of the wpDiscuz plugin, the reply to the review feature is also not allowed.

Note wpDiscuz can work for WooCommerce Products as a Rating Reviews with Stars. You need to create a new comment form in Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Forms admin page by clicking on the [Add new] button. Set it only for the "Product" content type. Then add a new Rating Field to the Comment form. When you create the Rating field, make sure the Meta key field in Advanced Settings is set “rating”. This is very important. If you set it rating it’ll be integrated with WooCommerce Rating System.

Reply button for Other Post Types

If the reply button is not visible for post types like "Post", "Page", etc. you should Enable "threaded (nested) comments X levels deep" option. 

Turn on this option to allow visitors to reply to other comments inline/nested. 

Comment display settings

Then from the drop-down box, select the number of X levels deep (maximum of 10 levels) you will allow for nested comments.

Note that themes need to be specially coded to properly display threaded comments.

We suggest using a maximum of 3 levels deep. Anything higher and the theme layouts may not work as expected.


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