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[Solved] How to change the comment ordering

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wpDiscuz comment list can be ordered by "Newest", "Oldest" and "Most voted" comments.

wpDiscuz 7 sorting buttons

By default, comments are sorted by the newest comments (new comments on top). This is based on the according WordPress native discussions setting.

wpDiscuz comments order by default settings

If you want to change the ordering, just navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Discussions admin page, and change the value of the "Comments should be displayed with the newer/older comments at the top of each page" option. 

More info here:

wpDiscuz also allows you to set the "Most voted" comment order by default. The option calls "Set comments order to “Most voted” by default". It's located in the Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Comment Thread Displaying admin page. 

If the wpDiscuz sorting buttons are missing, please check out this FAQ:

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