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[Solved] wpDiscuz 7 Stable Version is Released!

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This is a major version update!

This version is mostly focused on website visitors engagement. It’s totally improved with brand new innovative features bringing live to your website and discussions.

As you can see we jump from 5.3.5 version to 7.0.x, so you should understand, that lots of things are changed. This is a totally different wpDiscuz. Therefore, we recommend you follow these steps before updating to version 7:

  1. You’ll lose old wpDiscuz template customization in the active WordPress theme /wpdiscuz/ folder. If you don’t have customized wpDiscuz template files, just ignore this note.
  2. Please check wpDiscuz v7 demo to make sure you want to update.
  3. Create a test/dev/staging website and try it, make sure it’s good for you.
  4. Try it with the plugins you use on your live website. Make sure it’s compatible with all them.
  5. If all is ok, and you’ve decided to update to the v7, please follow to the Update v7 Documentation


What’s new in wpDiscuz 7!

  • version 7.0.2
  • Added: New Option – Enable WordPress Shortcodes in Comment Content
  • Fixed Bug: Rating is not updated because of cache plugins
  • Fixed Bug: Paragraph HTML code in Dashboard comment editor
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with duplicated IDs in the HTML code
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with the [collapsed | expended] comment form option
  • Disabled Feature: Aggregate Rating Schema is disabled. Google has removed the “Article” type, so we don’t have a general type for all. We have to disable it to avoid Google Search Console error reports. We’ll add a FAQ topic in wpDiscuz support forum for users who want to enable it for existing Rating Types
  • ———-
  • version 7.0.1
  • Added: New option to collapse/expend comment form fields
  • Added: New option to disable Social Network icons on avatars
  • Added: Missing Phrases (Inline feedback submit button [comment])
  • Adapted: LiteSpeed Cache Image Lazy Load function conflict
  • Changed: Aggregate Rating Schema is disabled by default
  • Fixed Bug: Conflict with BuddyPress Profile Pages
  • Fixed Bug: Image uploading issue when mime type is not found
  • Fixed Bug: Problem with comment text field placeholder removing
  • Fixed Bug: Notice: Undefined index: allow_guests_rate_on_post
  • Fixed Bug: reCaptcha validation issues
  • ———-
  • version 7.0.0
  • Added: The design is fully changed
  • Added: Three nice and modern comment layouts.
  • Added: Inline commenting and feedback. Commenting on post content.
  • Added: Live Notification with real-time updating Comment Bubble.
  • Added: Improved live commenting. Light and fast based on REST API.
  • Added: Social Commenting with new Social login options
  • Added: Post Rating. Allows to rate posts directly on rating stars.
  • Added: Improved spam protection. Built-in Google reCAPTCHA version 2.
  • Added: Comment form rich-editor, comment text formatting and more…
  • Added: Image attachment button on comment form rich-editor.
  • Added: User mentioning by inserting @nickname in comment content.
  • Added: Displays comment editing information. Editor name and the date.
  • Added: wpDiscuz Dashboard and Settings pages are fully redesigned.
  • Added: Comment statistics, active users and subscriptions statistic in dashboard.
  • Added: Option to control comments loading type
  • Added: comments loading type: Load with page.
  • Added: comments loading type: Initiate AJAX loading after the page is loaded.
  • Added: comments loading type: Don’t load and display [View Comments] button.
  • Added: Option to set default avatar for users and guests separately
  • Added: Option to disable wpDiscuz style.css and load Minimal Style for developers
  • Added: Option to limit comments per user and post.
  • Added: PHP 7.4 compatibility.
  • Added: Improved working speed and security.
  • Added: Better performance and database optimized database queries.
  • Fixed Bug: About a hundred of big and small bugs are fixed.
Posted : 25/05/2020 5:22 am