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Email Subscription

Please note, that this is the wpDiscuz 4 version documentation. wpDiscuz 5 documentation is not available yet, it’s under construction, we’ll make it available soon.


Disable subscription confirmation for registered users

wpDiscuz has double opt-in subscription system. A double opt-in means that not only does the visitor have to enter their email and click sign up, they also have to confirm their subscription via a link which send to them in a confirmation email. This is why many people say that the term double opt-in is incorrect, we should be using the term confirmed opt-in instead. However some administrators can say it’s not necessary for registered users, because they have already confirmed their registration so they are owners of their email addresses. In this case we added an option to disable subscription confirmation system by checking this option on.

Show comment subscription bar

This bar provides two subscription options: notify of “new follow-up comments” and “new replies to my comments”. This option refers to the component shown below:

Show comment subscription bar

Show “Notify of new replies to this comment”

wpDiscuz is the only comment plugin which allows you to subscribe to certain comment replies. This option is located above [Post Comment] button in comment form. You can disable this subscription way by unchecking this option. This option refers to the component shown below:

Notify of new replies to this comment


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