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General Settings

Please note, that this is the wpDiscuz 4 version documentation. wpDiscuz 5 documentation is not available yet, it’s under construction, we’ll make it available soon.


Display comment form for post types

Allows you to turn on/off wpDiscuz comment form on all available content types. Please note, that wpDiscuz doesn’t work on Archive, Category, Tag, Author and Search pages. It requires singular post ID to be able attach comment to certain post/page… Please do not turn on wpDiscuz for WooCommerce Product content type. There is WooDiscuz plugin, which designed for this purpose.


  • Comment author must fill out name: no description
  • Comment author must fill out email: no description
  • Comment text min length: no description
  • Comment text max length: no description
  • Comment text size in pixels: no description
  • Allow comment editing for: no description
  • Redirect first commenter to: no description
  • Allow guests to vote on comments: no description

Load rest of all comments on clicking the [Load More Comments] button

wpDiscuz allows you to display three different pagination types. Except of the native [1][2][3] pagination you also can choose [Load More Comments] or [Load rest of all comments] AJAX comment pagination buttons:

comment pagination
If you activate this option the default [Load More] button will be changed to [Load rest of all comments] and it’ll load all comments by one click. If you have a large amount of comments (>10,000) per post you should make sure your server can support such request. If you want to display the native WordPress comment pagination you should got to WordPress Settings > Discussions page and activate “Break comments into pages with [X]…” option.

Use WordPress Date/Time format

wpDiscuz shows Human Readable date format. If you check this option it’ll show the date/time format set in WordPress General Settings.

Use Plugin .PO/.MO files

wpDiscuz phrase system allows you to translate all front-end phrases. However if you have a multi-language website it’ll not allow you to add more than one language translation. The only way to get it is the plugin translation files (.PO / .MO). If wpDiscuz has the languages you need you should check this option to disable phrase system and it’ll automatically translate all phrases based on language files according to current language.


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