Comment text character limitation with count-down control

New cool feature in wpDiscuz 3.2.6. Comment text character limitation with count-down control.

To activate this feature you should set max limit for comment text characters in wpDiscuz Settings page.

The countdown becomes red when you close to the limit.

Extended settings to manage subscription option on front-end

wpDiscuz 3.2.6 comes with extended settings to manage subscription option on front-end.

Show comment subscription bar
This bar provides two subscription options: notify of “new follow-up comments” and “new replies to my comments”

Disable subscription confirmation for registered users

Show subscription types in dropdown

  • Both post and all comments subscription
  • Post subscription
  • All comments subscription

Show “Notify of new replies to this comment”
wpDiscuz is the only comment plugin which allows you to subscribe to certain comment replies. This option is located above [Post Comment] button in comment form. You can disable this subscription way by unchecking this option.

“Notify of new replies to this comment” checked by default

wpDiscuz 4

We’re excited to announce we’re releasing wpDiscuz 4 major version. wpDiscuz 4 comes with custom comment form builder and with new look and feel.

wpDiscuz 4 Changelog

  • Comment Template: New, modern and clean comment list layout and design
  • Comment Template: Comment template and style overwriting option.  Allows to create custom comment layout and style using copy of wpDiscuz comment template and style.css in WordPress active theme folder.
  • Added: Custom Comment Forms with Custom Fields
  • Added: Drag and Drop Custom comment form builder
  • Added: Custom Fields – Text, Number, URL, Date, Color, Text Area, Single Choice (radio), Multiple Choice (checkbox), Select/Dropdown, Rating.
  • Added: Comment form icons based on Font-Awesome.
  • Added: Custom comment form fields validation and tooltip description
  • Added: Full width and two column comment form layout
  • Added: Custom field information on submitted comment (option to disable/hide certain field on comment)
  • Added: Option to have different comment forms on different languages
  • Added: Option to have different comment forms for different post types
  • Added: Comment rating system, rating counter and total rating information for each post based on comments rating
  • Added: Dutch (nl_NL) translation, thanks to R.H.J. Roelofsen (DreamDesign Solutions)
  • Added: Chinese (zh_CN) translation, thanks to Tim Liu 刘挺
  • Added: Arabic (ar_AR) translation , thanks to Ibrahim
  • Fixed Bug: Tooltip problem
  • Fixed Bug: Jumping to website top when mouse hovers like/dislike buttons
  • Fixed Bug: Missing like/dislike buttons
  • Fixed Bug: Facebook sharing problem (added an option to set Facebook API key)
  • Fixed Bug: Image alt attribute
  • Fixed Bug: Lots of minor bugs